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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

a poem

The Open Way of Heaven

in the winding grass on the hill her face transcends,
in a beautiful grace that God has manifested.
here we are, always together.
she is so grateful she is in the peace of
the time of the light of the Lamb.
it is so loving and awesome the way Jesus brings
our hearts together in shapes of twos and threes,
and salvation.

an amazing dart of Cupid has struck her.
she received it with a shooting star
in her heart of heart,
it hit just right.
and He brought it, special for her.
and then a magic carpet,
with a rose garden blessing
of blissful life.

she and i glide through.

our souls' comportment,
by the loving gift of grace,
encapsulates us in
the enchanted forest
where we hike to the tallest cliffs
and gaze outward
for miles upon miles,
our spirits soaring on and on.
and all of each other,
and The Holy Lord.

she is so wonderful
in this infinite meadow of love.

she is so wonderful.

so amazing and holy and wonderful indeed.

and so loving.

so, so loving.

it brings me to my knees.
always thanking Jesus
for the love and goodness she bequeaths.

even though the spinning factory,
by fertile, verdant hills of open plains,
runs in diagonals with a spinning slant
and peace of mind eludes them there,
with their millweed fields that’re barren,
and toiling for more,
not having much
or not having enough to begin,
arranging parts that combine obscene
in a mad forgetfulness
completely lacking rationality,
their hopes in vain,
copper metals weighing heavier
by the passing of each day.
and it shouldn't have happened
what happened that way.

she is my everything forever.
and we will be together forever someday.

by Ryan Ventriloquist