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The New World Order

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The New World Order

In the epoch of shifting networks of power, it is necessary for people to love the way in which the sound of Ryan Ventriloquist and Taylor Swift comes through the walls at an extremely loud thumping, out-of-this-world, tayscendent zenith of in-your-face bona fide awesomeness. That is the truth. That is a fact. That is the truth about that.

- Ryan Ventriloquist

some music

Here is an EP I recorded with my band Shad Roe Champagne in 2011, along with four original demo recordings. I hope you enjoy them.

- Ryan Ventriloquist

Shad Roe and Champagne EP:

Here, Hear EP

Ryan Ventriloquist demos:

Friday, August 19, 2022

“The Newer Strides”… a poem


“The Newer Strides”

What is the way for
   ruinous calamities,
     sufficing as such
finding overwhelming light in day?
How ought to
   statues form
     and turquoise women?
This is the way
   from the Acropolis to Delphi
     high on the mountain top on Chios
the castle bridges from
   Frangokastello to Alexandria
     to the rooftop of my house in Somalia.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

“sunlight ahead”… a poem

“sunlight ahead”

on the mattress near the sofa,
in my broken-down, rent-up room
she goes on and on the radio
poundin’ loud beneath the roof.
I’ve built this home
on a legacy of slavery that I seek to overcome.
the foggy dew in the window
is through where I can spot the sun.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

“For My Beloved”… a poem

dedicated to Taylor Swift with admiration and amazement

“For My Beloved”

She knows the way to my heart.
She knows the way to my soul.
She’s everything I want,
I’m losing control.
In the solitary hills and lonely land,
she comes to me again and again.
I am out of my mind.
She is in front of me.
She is my everything,
and I can hardly breathe.
I am zealous and zany,
nevermind-crazy-about this
wonderful person.
She does tricks for me,
she is an insane scene.
Will she say yes or will she say no?

by Ryan Ventriloquist

“Loving Taylor”… a poem

dedicated to Taylor Swift with love and affection

“Loving Taylor”

I am so grateful for Taylor,
she is so holy and good,
and I am so grateful for her.
She is so loving and beautiful,
and I am so grateful for her with all of me.

by Ryan Ventriloquist