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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Way to Racial Harmony


A Way to Racial Harmony

by Ryan Ventriloquist

From the time of the original sin of chattel slavery, there has been so much vehemence and antipathy directed toward people of color that it is more than unsettling; it is disgraceful. Racism can be overcome.

There have been lynchings. There has been segregation. In fact, still, more black men than white men receive the death penalty or life in prison in the United States. And in terms of segregation, low-income urban areas have a much higher concentration of black people than other minorities, or the hegemony, white people, and with this newer form of segregation, there is more pollution in the air--which causes shorter lifespans--and there is more crime, as there are less opportunities available to advance oneself in the direction of prosperity and a great livelihood.

There is overwhelming support for advancing black peoples' lot in life, but there is not enough institutional backing or enough support for overcoming predisposed racist dispositions. What is necessary is that the United States make amends to these two fundamental problems.

The way to overcome them is through more support in the collective consciousness of the American people for overcoming racist mentalities that are often ingrained from a young age. And to use the tools of democracy to bring about a fundamental shift.

People need to talk about racist issues in a sensitive and thoughtful way to understand what is really playing out at an interpersonal level between black people and white people that leads to the miscalculus of racism. People need to listen and heed carefully the testimonies of black people to understand what is really going on between minorities besides black people and black people and the hegemony and black people.

With this greater understanding, white individuals and minorities besides black people need to undergo a shift in their more overt tendencies toward racism and their habits--their subconscious habits of racism--by eliminating the former and by bringing the latter to a cognitive level and subsequently correcting them. These realisations can be brought to the democratic fold through dialogue amongst the citizenry to help improve the overall peace in the air. As people take personal steps to correct their racism misdirection, it is inevitable that racism will remarkably improve and institutions across the country will open up to enabling a level of fairness between all people. And these developments will bring us much further down the path to ending racism.

Mullsay dialogue—

Thank you for reading what I have shared with you here in this publication. I am sincerely grateful for your engagement in this democratic exchange of which I am presiding over. I ask you to take some concerted time to mull over this piece of writing and then to say your thoughts by responding to the following prompts (hence, Mullsay the Zine). And with as much earnestness and yearning, I ask you to read through carefully and consider the thoughts, ideas, affect, desires, concerns, and considerations of the various people who also put forth comments. If you have input you wish to offer that is not related to what I guide you through in prompts, I invite you to share it in the comments section that is located below the prompts. Please keep in mind, in democratic dialogue, it is of essential importance to be respectful and kind, thoughtful and peace-oriented.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

And I invite you to mull over additional thoughts related to this essay and offer your input in the comments section below.

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