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Saturday, September 3, 2022

"Looking Over Peloponnese From Monemvasia"... a poem

"Looking Over Peloponnese From Monemvasia"

I am erected in awe and beauty on the edge of a plateau.
The wind riles up my countenance
and blows the waves of the sea my way.
Miles and miles of valleys, plains, fields, hills
stand before me. The sun is at its peak.
Millions and millions trotting forward in acres of grey,
dim-lit by the moon, calling out, "Where to go?" "What to do?"
Atop this fortress of an archipelago
I feel the Spirit come to me and say
"The spectre's in your hand. You are the son of God.
Set them free and bring them bounty." An olive tree by my side glows
and I am in the presence of the Father.
He says, "My son, my beloved, the land is yours.
Make a nation out of it."

by Ryan Ventriloquist