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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"swept up"... a poem


swept up

swept up in a big anticipation,
the event is not too far off,
so we weave perfect baskets
for the festivities—
to leave gifts in and such,
all kinds of surprises,
long-awaited and expected things,
because we know how much they mean—
that is the way this will go
from all around the globe,
that is the way it comes,
it is a great blessing for everyone.
and that is all truly fact,
and that's that- truly fact.
and while we bask in the sun
in the calm, quiet radiance of the Lord,
aware of only His peace,
we breathe and we breathe,
and i know nothing can get in my way,
because that's the truth He led me to today,
that is the truth, it is His way.

by Ryan Ventriloquist