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Thursday, November 3, 2022

A Path for Peace

A Path for Peace

                                                    Written by Ryan Ventriloquist

Russia, China, and the United States are presently undergoing a vying for power to be distinguished as the primary super-power, a position the United States has historically maintained since the end of the Second World War. There are struggles between nation-states over power dynamics regularly played out in the realm of capital, access to resources, prestige, territorial disputes, and military strength, which fundamentally affect the mental and emotional disposition of the global politic. By a rule, the human family has more peace of mind when there is more peace in the atmosphere. Rather than clenching our fists at one another, all too eager to fight in pursuit of nationalistic gain, why don't we come together, sit at the same table, and be grateful for what we have as we embrace our given existential circumstances where we can share Mother Earth?

There is growing tension between European nations and the United States with Russia, especially since that fateful day on February 24, 2022. It is too bad, because peace is, as always, at hand if we just lay down our arms and collectively ask ourselves: "What happened?" and proceed to form and foster friendships between nations, participate in ongoing dialogue regarding our respective cultures and values, work through historical traumas in peace and reconciliation committees, and forge a path toward a prosperous future.

With Russia positioned on the nexus of both Europe and Asia, it brings one to inquire: "Ought the East and West alike recognise Russia as a indisputable international partner, and as this recognition carries forth, ought both the United States and Chinese citizens look to points of political, cultural, and societal intersection, to fashion common ground, and with this common ground, find common values and perspectives, and, moreover, subsequently, use this exchange as a bridge for unfurling a similar exchange between the United States and Russia, and China and Russia, eventually carrying on this democratic dialogue to other nation-states such as Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and ultimately, ideally, all throughout the world?

Mullsay dialogue—

Thank you for reading what I have shared with you here in this publication. I am sincerely grateful for your engagement in this democratic exchange of which I am presiding over. I ask you to take some concerted time to mull over this piece of writing and then to say your thoughts by responding to the following prompts (hence, Mullsay the Zine). And with as much earnestness and yearning, I ask you to read through carefully and consider the thoughts, ideas, affect, desires, concerns, and considerations of the various people who also put forth comments. If you have input you wish to offer that is not related to what I guide you through in prompts, I invite you to share it in the comments section that is located below the prompts. Please keep in mind, in democratic dialogue, it is of essential importance to be respectful and kind, thoughtful and peace-oriented.

America is considered an enemy of China, and China is considered an enemy of America, but are the peoples of America and the peoples of China enemies?

If the peoples of America and China aren't enemies, why are China and America enemies? And for that matter, why shouldn't they be?

by Ryan Ventriloquist

And I invite you to mull over additional thoughts related to this essay and offer your input in the comments section below.

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