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The New World Order

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Urgent Need to Free Immigrants from Detention Centers

It is a colossal injustice that so many innocent people are being held against their will by the U.S. government. Should you be locked up for where you place your feet? That should belong to a bygone age.


- Ryan Ventriloquist

"magic"... a poem


magic is the key word
for success
in the world
and in life,
to do lots of spells
and to be nice about them.
complicated charms that
are charming,
sorcery that is delightful.
imagination that is stunning.
it is good to play wizard,
especially with friends.
with your best friend,
you can take on dragons. 

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Taylor’s Christmas Present

For Taylor Swift’s Christmas present, by her request, I am dedicating every poem I have ever written and every poem I will ever write to her.

- Ryan Ventriloquist

Monday, December 19, 2022

The People of a Democracy

Written by Ryan Ventriloquist

Democracy starts and ends with the people. The people of a representative democracy elect their leaders into place, into positions that serve the people. The people initiate the governing process and the governing process acts to fulfill the needs of the people. In a good representative democracy, the needs of the people are communicated to the government by the people. The media apparatus and an informed citizenry hold the government accountable. The government serves to serve the people.

In order for a representative democracy to function well, it is a prerequisite that the people possess a good level of education. This is because they elect their leaders and inform the government about the issues at hand. It is necessary information related to current events and the governing institutions is related to the public by a vibrant media apparatus. And it is of the greatest benefit for a democracy when the people engage in robust, meaningful democratic exchange, that involves empathy, sympathy, and utter respect.

The people are the most important aspect of a representative democracy. In the hopes, yearnings, dreams, and ambitions of the American people lies their heart.

Mullsay dialogue—

Thank you for reading what I have shared with you here in this publication. I am sincerely grateful for your engagement in this democratic exchange of which I am presiding over. I ask you to take some concerted time to mull over this piece of writing and then to say your thoughts by responding to the following prompts (hence, Mullsay the Zine). And with as much earnestness and yearning, I ask you to read through carefully and consider the thoughts, ideas, affect, desires, concerns, and considerations of the various people who also put forth comments. If you have input you wish to offer that is not related to what I guide you through in prompts, I invite you to share it in the comments section that is located below the prompts. Please keep in mind, in democratic dialogue, it is of essential importance to be respectful and kind, thoughtful and peace-oriented.

What are the hopes, yearnings, dreams, and ambitions of the American people?

How can the government best account for the needs of marginalised individuals?

by Ryan Ventriloquist

And I invite you to mull over additional thoughts related to this essay and offer your input in the comments section below.

Saturday, December 17, 2022



teia is awesome for blu.
teia is good for blu.
teia is the best for blu.
teia is so wonderful too.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Thursday, December 15, 2022

part 3 of Taylor Swift's early Christmas present


The treasure chest shown above is from Ryan Ventriloquist to Taylor Swift for an early Christmas present. It is filled with coins from all over the world.

- Ryan Ventriloquist

part 2 of Taylor Swift's early Christmas present

Here are two brand new songs dedicated to Taylor Swift by Ryan Ventriloquist.

Taylor (demo)

treasure chest (demo)

Taylor Swift's early Christmas present, part 1

For Taylor' Swift's early Christmas present, I dedicate all the songs I ever wrote to her.

Here are some more of them:

Don't Sleep

The Best Summer Of My Life

The Best Summer Of My Life (original version)

Hard For Me


Sing With Me Again

Marching Band Parade (Amnesty International Version)


Michael Bloom

You've Got The Rhythm, Go


We Are and Knockin'


So Much Love

Stereo Soundtrack (acoustic)

Red Legs Inside a Dress

The Expert Shad Crab


The Pearl

Scenic Route

I'm Off to the Ball

Oh Darling Clementine (All Better)

I Can't Believe It

Cathy in California

Be Here

I'm Your Mom's Son

Song About Ghosts

With the Music On


Down in a Book

Dwelling in Transcendence

Emily, Emily

Grammar These Days

Guardian Angel

Hamnet's Soliloquy

She's Unbelievable

You By My Side

I Love You For You


- Ryan Ventriloquist

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Taylor's Birthday Present

Here is Taylor Swift's entire birthday present this year, made public by her request.

(All poems are dedicated to her.)

Part 1 of the early birthday present: click here

Part 2 of the early birthday present: click here

Part 3 of the early birthday present: click here

Next is part 4 of the early birthday present, which was delivered between December 2-12.

the way to up

the way to up
is to climb a hill
stand with pride at the top
then to go to the peak of the mountain's trail.

the way to up
is to stand by the shore of the beach
let the waves break on you tremendously
and then to take to land full speed.

the way to up
is some coffee brewed.
a child sitting at a table set for two
solemnly commiting his life for a holy Jew.

the way to up
is a jug of water
joyfully taken from the well
and talking to the Godhead, the Messiah,
about life everlasting,
water that is never ending
and bread that can feed you forever,
a painted city-gate where you always
hear her voice singing.

the way to up
is deftly steering,
the mainstay soaring
while the captain is waving
a twelve star flag
for the Israelite nation
with fourteen stripes
for each generation,
letting go of strife
and placidly contemplating
the meaning of life
with the whole world spinning,
headed North to land,
by the slant of the Spirit,
stars guiding your way,
an eternal seranade heard up from heaven.
what's it to gain the entire Earth
while you can freely be given life?

Next is the beginning of a utopia entitled A King and a Queen:

A King and a Queen

a king and a queen

blu bought tiea a home
where they could dwell in all alone
and walk to town
to see some faces,
go out and come back to pillow cases,
a comforter splayed out for two,
gold and lavendar embroided tapestry
behind the bed, against the wall,
where they could make love with the stereo on.

upon first arriving tiea and blu
planted a tree, a willow sapling
with wisdom to bequeath,
beside the bubbling creek
where deer pass and go to drink,
and they could wade in, explore,
go where it leads.

they took a raft one day
a million miles away
and saw streams of smiling faces,
for tiea was famous, a dancer,
and they were so grateful she would meet them.

on that journey, they ate berries and leafs
of the mystique tree, hidden ivy towering sheaths
that give rise to many hidden things,
like the most royal castles in all the world,
where blu will lead tiea to live
when they get a little older
and blu and tiea become king and queen.

a king and a queen ii

the two sit down together
on a straw bench,
with rounded arms,
strong, unright legs
and think about
their new house-
being in it together,
and they mention making love forever.
he leans toward her and says,
- oh, how you make me feel blessed,
  every day when i'm with you
  is the best i've ever known.
she turns to him and says,
- i know- how true is that?
  we'll walk together forever
  through anything.
          wherever we go, because of you
          i'm blessed. you are my treasure,
          there's nothing more i could have.
he placidly holds her hand,
keeps looking in her eyes and says,
- we're always together,
  always and forever,
  you make my heart beat strong
  all the day long
  and i am so grateful
  for your wonderful ways,
  your beautiful ways,
  forever and always,
  you are so beautiful
  it's true, i can't get enough of you.
  standing on a cliff, looking at miles of land,
  all i see is you, in my picturesque view,
  i am so grateful for all you are
  you'll always be the treasure in my heart.
she leans against him and says,
- oh, you make me glad,
  wherever we go we walk together
  with God by our side and mountains of joy.
he holds her close and says,
- i am so grateful for you and Jesus,
  your beautiful ways are stunning
  and your faith is overflowing.
  i want so much for you to know
  no matter what happens
  you're always my very best friend
  and i care for you with all i am.

a king and a queen iii

blu and tiea spent a year or so
enjoying their time alone
and getting to know
the townspeople.
they would enjoy eating kiwi
then sipping on raki
and going to see them
in the town hall meeting.
one evening the mayor expressed to blu
- i don't know what to do?
  i had a bad dream
  and it seems to be an omen.
blu interpreted the dream and came to understand
there would be a famine in the land.
the mayor appointed him head of the town
and blu gathered all the townspeople around.
he made a plan to keep them equipped
with barrels of food for the winter
and the ensuing seasons.

in one of the blueberry fields they were harvesting
blu took tiea to walk together in, and to bring her to a place to dance,
they held hands and went on in,
and then said in unison,
- i'll walk with you forever in blueberry fields together.
the blueberries bopped their heads,
square danced and said,
- tiea, oh tiea, we've been waiting for you to dance.

tiea danced herself in a cyclone
of quick motions twirling,
her whole body whirling.
blu and the blueberries clapped and said,
- you're a great dancer! the best in the world!
  you're a great dancer! and a beautiful girl!
then the blueberries sang a mystical song
while blu and tiea slowdanced along.

the town was just fine because of blu's plan
to make the blueberries happy that season
by tiea's awesome sense of rhythm.

they sat 'round the fire and chowed down on blueberries.
and blu and tiea were the happiest in the land.

a king and a queen iv

the town delighted on those blueberries
and, with them, survived two years of famine
and served as a refuge for the neighboring towns
that didn't take as sufficent of action to prepare.

the mayor asked blu about what he should do regarding
the city planning, and blu said,
- trees! trees! plant a lot of trees!
  buildings! buildings! make a lot of buildings!
  parks! parks! fill the town with parks!
and so it was done.

the town became the most prosperous town in the land,
and blu and tiea did many wonderful things,
like going to art museums and taking hikes through the mountains.
it seemed so beautiful how the whole world was spinning 'round.

a king and a queen v

and it only got more beautiful.
o, beautiful.
it only filled with more
for tiea was in it
and she, a fabulous dancer,
was just crazy for blu's romancin'
and before long
the two were declared
king and queen of all the land.

- in this newfound, ever-peaceful federation of nations
  let not the least of men be in yearning for what he cannot have.
  let men establish common unity and bond in high level order commune.
blu continued his speech and then spoke of the queen
- tiea, as you all know, is the most grand dancer
  in all the world. she is fabulous, and she does it
  for all you ladies and gentlemen, all you boys and girls.
  we simply can't appreciate her enough for all she does for us.
  on this night her and i have become king and queen of all the land,
  and now i ask her to share her wise, wondrous thoughts with you.
tiea began,
- hi everyone, you all know me, i'm tiea the dancing queen!
  we will proceed to initiate a dynasty of a loving and just rule.
she explained it some and then they and their posterity carried it out.
it continues until this day.

a king and a queen vi

blu and tiea spent the day
in a melody of conversation about the way
the cross depicts his love for both of them
and all the world, how amazing? blu said.
tiea said, oh joyous harp it's true,
the Lord is great,
i'm so grateful, his awesome ways
are magnificent, and His love is unimaginable.
blu said, yet how strong we feel it,
it fills us up, for He died and He rose,
so we give ourselves up, our lives to the Lord,
for that fills our cup, and feeds us our bread,
miracles for thousands, as the Godhead rules
soverign over Earth, the world bows down to Him,
and respects His order, I am so grateful for His love,
it's unimaginable, it's true- and the amazing thing is
it's for me and for you.

a king and a queen vii

teia and blu in a whirlpool of emotion
levied the chagtzee river in perfect equanimity,
and with wild, unpredictable commotion.

it was just fine, all right, the way the levee shined,
just fine, all right, from the heighest of heights.

in a sweep of perfect motion,
and vertical clouds of the ocean,
a planet was formed,
from the heighest of heights,
from the depths of the sky.

in a unitary cloud of straight lines,
the first man was to see the maker's face,
in a miraculous garden made the right way,
with a heart of sublime fate.

in a quick construct of distant notions,
oh, how the spell was broken,
but with bread and wine, we're doing just fine,
the levees here to stay and we've come a long way.

a king and a queen viii

blu and tiea walked out of their house to the creek
and stopped at the weeping willow tree.
- the tree of life is all i know,
  the precious blood and flesh for every single person.
they told the weeping willow tree they appreciated his aphorism,
and continued along their way.

while they were in the creek wading,
blu asked tiea,
- would you like to talk of faith.
- of course i want to talk about faith, blu.
  what do you have to say?
- it is the greatest gift
  what He did for us
  to save us by the cross.
  The Lord, Jesus, is so loving,
  for He did what He didn't have to do
  and He did it for you.
- oh, blu, i can't believe
  how holy the Lord is.
  it makes me feel so blessed
  He has saved me.
they continued walking and stepped out of the creek
to walk in a field of sunflowers,
the sunflowers danced for blu and tiea
and then they continued along their way.

they passed through a deep section of the creek
with a mild current, blu swam and carried tiea.
tiea asked blu,
- what is love?
- love is right here,
  between me and you.
- aw, i feel it too

a king and a queen ix

blu and tiea established Clay Love
and all the people were happy.

here are a few more poems- the birthday present:

the trolley

through fog, through valleys,
through rivers, through fields,
the Spirit is flowing,
out of this world.
the people are going
to strawberry fields
to eat lots of strawberries
and talk of the land.
the people are watching
the young prince sing
as he snaps his fingers
and does the pristine.
the people are talking
about children of God
and how great they are
for all the whole Earth.
the people are resting,
in meager hay stacks
while Santa Clause is coming
with reideer and a sled.
the people are dancing,
as she sings her song,
all the night long,
all the night long.

the crisp day

in the autumn harvest
we go and then come back
to a new cultivating season,
good for all we have.
without time or reason,
we do all that we've got,
and as the crops are growing,
the radio's on,
playing that 'ol country song.
playing that 'ol country song.

now is the time

now is the time
to go through the closet,
take out what you can,
and give it to goodwill.
now is the time
to take dollars and cents
for the ringing bells
of the salvation army.
now is the time
to go to the nightstand
and mail that donation
to charity.
now is the time
we have in our pocket
to do whatever we please.

and here is the beginning of a poetry manuscript for her birthday:

at just ‘round midnight, tiger and blu rendezvoused
on a cliffside-hanging mountaintop introducing
cupid’s bow seaside, moon crescent idiomatic
with nothing for guessing, as the hound dog sprinted
to the teakettle distance, brewed for a longstanding,
spirited, uninterruptible acquiescence to skin and bone
and all the movements that make blu feel at home.
tiger rubbed his hand across the ruby ball and
it felt something strange, yet inspiring and promising
-       breathe in quick glances and new chances
     the way that indigo flows, tiger said.
-       that is just inkling on top of a sap tree
the roses grew into just enough for feathers
he knew she was coming home.
at the same time, tiea was out on a time crunch
delivering up karl rue’s primetime package
for just after lunch the day before
he said he wanted something more
so she put together in her handbag
a chess set and hour glass, for spilling
a meditation grasp of occasional somethings
just enough to meltdown to
she said she had enough of doing his laundry
and making him show up on time
that the foyer was left open with a large backwards
folding t.v. set on repeat, just so he could eat.
she enjoyed taking care of the elderly,
but she just wanted to spend time with blu.

all poetry on this post was written by Ryan Ventriloquist