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Monday, December 19, 2022

The People of a Democracy

Written by Ryan Ventriloquist

Democracy starts and ends with the people. The people of a representative democracy elect their leaders into place, into positions that serve the people. The people initiate the governing process and the governing process acts to fulfill the needs of the people. In a good representative democracy, the needs of the people are communicated to the government by the people. The media apparatus and an informed citizenry hold the government accountable. The government serves to serve the people.

In order for a representative democracy to function well, it is a prerequisite that the people possess a good level of education. This is because they elect their leaders and inform the government about the issues at hand. It is necessary information related to current events and the governing institutions is related to the public by a vibrant media apparatus. And it is of the greatest benefit for a democracy when the people engage in robust, meaningful democratic exchange, that involves empathy, sympathy, and utter respect.

The people are the most important aspect of a representative democracy. In the hopes, yearnings, dreams, and ambitions of the American people lies their heart.

Mullsay dialogue—

Thank you for reading what I have shared with you here in this publication. I am sincerely grateful for your engagement in this democratic exchange of which I am presiding over. I ask you to take some concerted time to mull over this piece of writing and then to say your thoughts by responding to the following prompts (hence, Mullsay the Zine). And with as much earnestness and yearning, I ask you to read through carefully and consider the thoughts, ideas, affect, desires, concerns, and considerations of the various people who also put forth comments. If you have input you wish to offer that is not related to what I guide you through in prompts, I invite you to share it in the comments section that is located below the prompts. Please keep in mind, in democratic dialogue, it is of essential importance to be respectful and kind, thoughtful and peace-oriented.

What are the hopes, yearnings, dreams, and ambitions of the American people?

How can the government best account for the needs of marginalised individuals?

by Ryan Ventriloquist

And I invite you to mull over additional thoughts related to this essay and offer your input in the comments section below.

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