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Friday, March 17, 2023

"the way to the moon"... a poem

 "the way to the moon"

the way to the moon is over the
hill, beyond the beyond,
square beside that thrill.
this is the direction we all
have been, laughing our hearts out
again and again
and again and again.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Friday, March 3, 2023

"Can Do"... an arrangement of thought

 "Don't try, do."

This means it would only be commonsensical to "know thyself" in order to know what is in one's capacity to do.

Monday, February 20, 2023

"the way to a new life"... a poem

"the way to a new life"

the way to a new life
is to sink in gladness
a new year, without fear.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Sunday, February 19, 2023

"the way to impossible"... a poem

"the way to impossible"

the way to impossible
is to see into the window of God
and see His plan
and know anything not in it
is impossible.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Thursday, February 2, 2023

"i'm so glad the sun came out"... a poem

"i'm so glad the sun came out"

it is such a nice day out.
i'm so glad the sun came out.
it is such a nice day out.
i'm so glad the sun came out.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Saturday, January 28, 2023

"the way to discover"... a poem

"the way to discover"

well, now i am seated.
this is when i figure out what i need to do.

when do i discover the way to uncover
the parallels of the mysteries
laid out in space over history?

when do i figure out what chains of theories
connected to the platform of love,
interceded from above, into the heart of a dove?

around me, mortal eyes,
staring with complexion,
into my profound introspection
of which they all oblige.

at my desk, seated for aquatics
life for journey, plant something spawning
memories and trips to the lawn,
in the creek that simmers on,
rushes and rattles along,
on the seat where my hopes belong,
compassion for all, to detach from my longings,
with my heart made from clay,
running all the time, created for all days,
with peace of mind, and a view on the beach,
writing her name in the sand,
never to fade away,
made from clay,
never to fade away.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

"the peace of mind"... a poem

"the peace of mind"

the wind is recovering from a long lost distance,
to something everywhere, the monad beyond descrpition,
a sizeable debate about words of importance,
has cut through our awareness, a fish out of water,
and in the running forth of time, they sound their wind chimes,
to a voice beyond transcendence with a melody without cadences,
the peace of mind is troubling to the wealth without a grip,
but to the little, humble kid, it is just a gift.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

"the elder"... a poem

"the elder"

how is the smell of the air above the earthy soil that's all-day tilled,
how fresh is the vapor of the Mediterranean breeze,
bringing good tidings about all sorts of things,
and the olives that dance amongst their sacred green branches,
or the elder who just keeps giving people more chances.

by Ryan Ventriloquist 

"observation and remark"... a poem

"observation and remark"

two things about which we can be proud:
our love and our song
the one we sing all day and all night long.
the watermelon on the shelf
is green and teal,
enough for a meal,
with roses and dining fish.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

"a reason for hope"... a poem

"a reason for hope"

something divine,
something completely right-
that is what i've wanted
for my whole life.

to be carried away,
like jupiter's love,
that's what i've wanted
for the whole universe.

but when it comes,
will i go the way of erigone,
who hung herself on a tree,
after icarius lost his life to freedom?

when the young saplings arrive,
will i go the way of juliet,
who after chewing on a golden gift,
saw it flee away to poison drips?

no- i will take the whole world in,
embrace the casual arriving of spiritual goodness,
observe the abandonment of ill,
and spend life on the hill. 

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Thursday, January 26, 2023

"the leopard's song"... a poem

 "the leopard's song"

the way to the beach by the open field bay
is a time-space continuum of royal decrees
and a air-breath articulation of the crispy breeze,
in a fall out turnpike over the hill,
where the mailman rushes to do what is in his films,
the neighbors are rushing to do what they will,
and the time is in the window where she watches his return,
all the way home, where the huskies always go,
all the way home, and this is for my resolve,
for the only time that there has been long
centers for shopping all the way along,
to hope that is watching the peace on the lawn.
the bird, it is humming to the anthem of our song,
it is rushing and bumbling along to the ancient sing-along,
the view, it is a ways to the middle of the earth,
but when we get there we will give birth to a lifetime of mirth,
when then people keep watching the one home tree house,
where the townsperson lives who never comes out,
he just lets out his shout down the central town pass,
and the city shouts right back, they tell him he's on the right track,
and the running of the leopard is up for freedom,
over the fallen logs, hiding from the sun again,
feeling it beat on him and truly enjoying it,
where he is speeding is not a passing thing,
the environment, it careens, it does it in speed,
it responds to te people, it's there's to reign in,
and the people are holding their breath to the time by the charms,
leading us to wonder, how good it is to get along.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"the quest frame"... a poem

"the quest frame"

a noble book hidden behind a closet curtain
is in her look, she knows she just might reach out,
make the knowledge hers, she knows she could
she's just wondering what he'd think if he found out.

the palm tree near the box of squares
seemed so appetising when she led him there
he left without any cares- knowing he'd go back
to make the knowledge his, but that was tacit between them.

he found out forbidden things, like how to make
the fruit ring, or how to do bigfoot to little kids,
make him so happy, he was so glad,
if only she knew- she would have went right in.

fourtantly, he followed her in, and said,
will you go in? she didn't know if he was serious,
but he reached right in and handed it to her,
she read the whole thing, and didn't regret a thing.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

"the way to the light"... a poem

the way to the light

in the time of year
that the mountain appears
i will be standing right there
without any cares

by Ryan Ventriloquist