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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"the quest frame"... a poem

"the quest frame"

a noble book hidden behind a closet curtain
is in her look, she knows she just might reach out,
make the knowledge hers, she knows she could
she's just wondering what he'd think if he found out.

the palm tree near the box of squares
seemed so appetising when she led him there
he left without any cares- knowing he'd go back
to make the knowledge his, but that was tacit between them.

he found out forbidden things, like how to make
the fruit ring, or how to do bigfoot to little kids,
make him so happy, he was so glad,
if only she knew- she would have went right in.

fourtantly, he followed her in, and said,
will you go in? she didn't know if he was serious,
but he reached right in and handed it to her,
she read the whole thing, and didn't regret a thing.

by Ryan Ventriloquist