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Saturday, January 28, 2023

"the way to discover"... a poem

"the way to discover"

well, now i am seated.
this is when i figure out what i need to do.

when do i discover the way to uncover
the parallels of the mysteries
laid out in space over history?

when do i figure out what chains of theories
connected to the platform of love,
interceded from above, into the heart of a dove?

around me, mortal eyes,
staring with complexion,
into my profound introspection
of which they all oblige.

at my desk, seated for aquatics
life for journey, plant something spawning
memories and trips to the lawn,
in the creek that simmers on,
rushes and rattles along,
on the seat where my hopes belong,
compassion for all, to detach from my longings,
with my heart made from clay,
running all the time, created for all days,
with peace of mind, and a view on the beach,
writing her name in the sand,
never to fade away,
made from clay,
never to fade away.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

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