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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

"blu", a poem, episode 2

episode 2: "two"


It was all good, all the time.

That’s what the man said to the woman,

About their lives sublime.

It was all right and just great.

That’s what she said to him,

Then said it makes her fate.

She said okay, all right,

That’s what I’m talking about

All night.

And it was just perfect.

All night.

She meant it.

Which was ideal for the man.

Because what he was doing

He meant too.

And that was the way

This was unfolding

Two of them going

Where they ought to be going

Two of them wildly going

To where they are better off being

Hand and hand

On top of the world.

They were there.

They were both there.

And they both shared it

And it was only with them

And it was perfect

And just right

And they both had it

All night

Okay, all right,

It truly last all night.

And all day.

That’s what they knew.

But they kept that inside.

They held close to that miracle.

They watched the peach trees

Turn to yellow and maroon

And then said, “I do,”

And then they were happily married:

Tiea and Blu, two.

by Ryan Ventriloquist

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