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Monday, April 24, 2023

East and West Jeruselem

East Jerusalem, one of the most sacred of places in the world, is currently inhabited by mostly Palestinians, as it is under Palestinian control, yet is occupied by Israel and the Israeli government is encouraging Iranian settlers, which is leading to Palestinians being displaced. What is happening between Palestine and the Occupied Gaza Strip is downright--truthfully, downright-- apartheid, rooted in national identity. The Israel government does not treat Palestinian's well, as they do not negotiate, or, rather, aim to put into motion, their hopes, yearnings, and ambitions as a peoples, and they constantly forcibly displace them to make way for more Israel settlement in East Jerusalem (which is part of the Occupied Gaza Strip), and the rest of the Occupied Gaza Strip. Perhaps, because Palestinians have shown hospitality to Israel citizens who are engaged in a settlement process in territory under Palestines control, and especially because West Jerusalem already has so heavily been occupying East Jerusalem-- perhaps it would be appropriate to open the borders of Israel so East Jerusalem can saunter through and even settle down in West Jerusalem, one of the most sacred places in the world. There, as the Occupy The Noble Sanctuary, they can peacefully protest against Israel's continual human rights abuses and their circumcision of international law.

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