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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Pragmatic Idealism- Second Installment

    Pragmatic idealism can be understood as envisioning the ideal world, and then working through practical steps to achieve the vision. This is why utopias are so useful to the pragmatic idealistic. It is in utopias that the artist opens the engager’s mind to a world unhinged, in the rhythm of the melody of the world working together in symphonies uncontravened splendid. Virtue and happiness go hand in hand with getting the job done, as the ordinary individuals of the polity delight in time’s well-made, and tend to accomplish their most productive work. And with the labor of society working together, with a clear plan and vision, on the road to perfection (idealism), taking practical steps of reason (pragmatism), society is capable of producing tremendous momentum that spills out to a changing epoch in the world’s well-being.




- R


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