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Thursday, May 18, 2023

What I Know about China

[ - full-scale image of China ]
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Humble me, scholarly machine, high-school diploma, K-12 pristine, knows all about the big country China.

China is in East Asia, a country with a border that is shared by several East Asian countries and a European/West Asian country (big Russia). (The big countries are Russia, China, the U.S., and Brazil. That's the bigs. [humble me, scholarly machine]).

China has the biggest population of all nations. If everyone jumped at the same time, the world would fall off its axis. It already has, when China had overstepped its boundaries on climate pollution.

China is not in the ASEAN but should be. The U.S. should be too. All the bigs should be. All the bigs are friends, partners, and allies with Asia.

China's Communist Party pretty much runs the show as far as domestic and transnational policy goes, that's the way it goes, from big China down to run-of-the-mill Mexico (Mexico is one of the run-of-the-mill nations; this is how it goes; the big countries are China, Brazil, the U.S., and Russia [Canada, France, and Germany almost made it, but they're run-of-the-mill], the run-of the-mill countries are all the other countries except the two poorest, Burundi and Central African Republic—those are the small countries.) But the People's Liberation Army serves as a moderating force in the running schemes of governing machines (says I, me, myself, me, I [how many ways can I put it says Me, Mr. I] the humble scholarly machine), and could overstep the Communist Party as the most powerful governing body in the country, were the People's Liberation Communists of China (that's my term) to overstep their authority and go outside the border of the adults' illustration books images.

It's an interesting observation that only I can call myself Me with a capital 'M.'

- R

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